Switchblade M252 81mm Mortar 4-man Team Pack System

Catoma Switchblade M252 81mm Mortar 4-man Team Pack System features pouches with a simple, flat design allowing mortar teams to decide how many rounds are needed.


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Catoma was founded by outdoor enthusiasts and that experience greatly impacts the thought process behind the design of their products. Catoma listens to customers and hopes that it shows when using their gear.

The design of the pouches allows them to be stacked, so that the teams can decide how many rounds to carry for each mission. Additionally, the inherent strength and versatility of the MOLLE Panel allows teams to also carry the mortar cannon itself, even offering the ability to fire the 224 without dismounting it from the pack. To take this idea one step further, the system was even tested against the 81mm mortar of the M252 teams, and, without a hitch, the modularity of the Switchblade System shined through again, carrying the cannon, bipod, and ammo for the Gunner, AG, and the Ammo bearer respectively.


  • Switchblade Mortar Gunner Pack Kit
  • Switchblade Mortar Assistant Gunner Pack Kit
  • (2x) Switchblade Mortar Ammo Bearer Pack Kit
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