Revision 4-1311-0001 SoloPack Battery

Revision 4-1311-0001 SoloPack Battery is a low-profile, rechargeable lithium ion battery that packs the energy needed for a 12 hour mission.


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Revision is a solutions provider specializing in protective equipment—primarily protective eyewear, armor, and head systems—along with newer innovations in power management and integrated systems.

Weighing approximately a pound, the battery is small enough to fit in a magazine pouch. The rugged SoloPack is designed to plug-and-play, offering a high power density to power currently fielded equipment and reducing the weight burden of carrying spare batteries.

Key Features

  • Highest energy density in its class
  • Fits inside M4 magazine pouch
  • Push button activated state-of-charge display
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Compatible with existing chargers and devices
  • NettWarrior Compatible
  • SMBus v1.1 compatible


  • Soldier Systems
  • Central power systems
  • Portable field equipment
  • Special Forces forward-operation equipment
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