LaserMaxDefense Pistol Enhancer

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The LaserMaxDefense Pistol Enhancer is the smallest, lightest and most efficient white light, IR illuminator and IR laser on the market, designed to meet military needs for a rugged system capable of completing any mission.


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LaserMax, Inc., a 29-year old laser manufacturer based in Rochester, NY, is now doing business as LaserMaxDefense (LMD). LMD specializes in miniaturizing and hardening laser and optical systems for use in adverse environments.

GSA Exclusive

The Pistol Enhancer can be mounted and adjusted using a small, screw driver. The battery can be changed using a flat blade screw driver without taking the unit off the pistol, allowing for no change in laser zero. Both white light and IRilluminator are designed for positive weapons ID at 50 meters while using Gen III NVDs. The mode switch and activation buttons are designed to be activated while wearing combat gloves with a positive tactile feel to avoid negligent discharges of light. The laser can be preset at factory to either steady or pulsed beam and the entire unit can be configured for any pistol frame.
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